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Welcome to The Waterfront Cottage – 8 The Esplanade, North Arm Cove! We sincerely thank you for staying at our house. We hope you and your family/guests have a memorable stay and find that everything meets/exceeds your expectations. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

Please read this manual carefully before you arrive and share with your family and/or guests. A print edcopy of this manual will be available at the house upon arrival.

Important Notice

  • CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES as the backyard directly opens to the deep, open waters.
  • There is NO shops in North Arm Cove. The nearest shops are about 10 minute drive away at Karuah.
  • There is NO telephone or Wi-Fi at the property. However, all mobile phone services work well..
  • In case of emergencies where an Ambulance, Police or Firemen are needed, inform them that our street continues along the Promontory Way.
  • Please DO NOT pour large quantities of oil, fat, beer, wine, milk or fruit juice down the drain as it may interfere with the treatment septic tank system and cause various problems.

To Do list before your arrival

  • Please confirm the number of guests residing at the house so bed linens can be arranged accordingly within a few days PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL. It may not be possible to make changes after your arrival.
  • The house key will be located in a locked key box on the right-hand side of the main entrance sliding door. The code to unlock it will be provided in the welcome email you would have already received. If you have not received the email, please text Kenny on 0413 996 811 and WE will text you back with the code.
  • The property, as all properties in North Arm Cove, relies on tank water and a septic system. Please read the section on tank water and the septic system.
  • Bring all your food and drinks with you as there is no shops in North Arm Cove. The nearest shops are about a 10 minute drive away at Karuah.
  • Please read the house rules, particularly on bond deductions, and we do apologies for the long list as experience has taught us that not everyone is as careful as they could be.

Before You Leave - please follow the following departure requirements

Please write in the guestbook and share with us all the fun things you did and places you visited. We would love to hear from you!

  • Please leave the house in the same condition you found it.
  • Please unpack the dishwasher.
  • Return all kitchen utensils to their original place.
  • Empty all house bins including bathroom and the toilet.
  • Return all outdoor furniture to its original place.
  • Please clean the BBQ if used.
  • If you do change the gas bottle, please place the empty gas bottle in the BBQ cupboard; drop us an email via the contact us page at the end of your stay, so we can get it ready for the next group of guests.
  • Remove all of your food from the fridge and freezer.
  • Please do not pile rubbish beside the bins. If your group has exceeded the space available for rubbish, please take it home with you.
  • Check no taps are dripping in the showers or sinks.
  • Turn off air-conditioning and all lights.
  • Close all windows and lock the doors.
  • Place the key back in the key box and scramble the combination.
  • Text us to let us know you have vacated so that we can arrange the cleaners accordingly. It is important that you vacate the house before 10 am as we may have new guests arriving on the same day, and our cleaners will need approximately 4 hours to thoroughly go through and clean the house. Your exit process will be finalised within 48 hours.

We fully expect you to use and enjoy our property as much as we do. We understand it needs cleaning after you leave and so, don’t feel overly burdened with keeping it clean. You don’t need to wash the linen, just relax and enjoy yourselves! However, we just wanted to mention that some of our past clients have been more than slack to us, and we feel the need to point out the more serious bond deductions so that you can relax knowing you have met our expectations

Breaches of These Rules will Cause Partial or Full Bond Deductions

  • Pets, smoking inside, bucks/hens parties, functions, weddings, schoolies/teenagers parties, an excessive number of guests, poor behaviour, or late loud noise.
  • Additional persons not included in the booking.
  • Emptying of the water tanks (with normal usage you will NOT run out of water during your stay).
  • Washing of cars, boats, caravans and tents on the property.
  • Significant damage from partying, wild behaviour or negligence.
  • Complaints from neighbours due to unacceptable behaviour or noise.
  • Lighting open fires during summer or fire ban periods.

The property, as all properties in North Arm Cove, are not connected to the town water or sewer system and hence, relies solely on tank water and a septic system.


We are on tank water, so please be conservative with the water.

A filtered tap is available at the kitchen bench for drinking and cooking water.

Septic Tank:

The treatment system septic tank relies mainly on bacteria for treatment. Therefore, any product that can kill bacteria should not be used as it may detrimentally harm the treatment system itself. If harsher cleaning products are needed to be used, it is recommended that it be placed in a bucket and used from there. When finished cleaning, rinse sponge in the bucket and discard the bucket’s content into the garden and NEVER down the drain.

  • Use ONLY the cleaning products or chemical brands that are provided (except dishwashing tablets, shower gel and shampoo).
  • Do NOT pour large quantities of oil, fat, beer, wine, milk or fruit juice down the drain.
  • Do NOT put anything down the toilet (e.g. sanitary products such as tampons) as it may block the sewage system; use the bin provided.
  • Use the half flush on the toilet for no. 1’s.
  • Keep showers and bath use to a minimum.
  • Empty food scraps into the bins provided before placing dishes into the dishwasher.
  • Do not wash/rinse anything under a running tap.
  • Turn off the tap when brushing teeth.
  • Use full loads in the washing machine, and if possible, please take your dirty laundry home.

Cross-section of a typical septic tank

How does Septic Tank work?

Septic tanks are one of the most common onsite systems used to treat wastewater.

The septic tank usually has two chambers, separated by a dividing wall (a baffle) that has an opening halfway between the tank floor and roof to allow only the clarified liquid to move between the chambers. The septic tank usually has a manhole cover with two inspection ports

Wastewater enters the first chamber, where solids settle to the bottom and scum floats to the top. The scum forms an airtight layer that allows anaerobic digestion of the solids (microorganisms breaking down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen). This reduces the volume of solids.

The clarified liquid between the sludge and scum layers flows through the opening in the dividing baffle into the second chamber, where further settlement occurs. The partially clarified liquid then flows from the outlet into absorption beds or mounds where further nutrients and microorganisms are drawn from the liquid.

Source: WaterNSW

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